About Cliff Ganschow

Cliff Ganschow has led a distinguished career in the food and agriculture sector over the past 40+ years, with a primary emphasis on the constant evolution toward faster delivery of agricultural information.

One of his earliest endeavors to expand the flow of information within the agriculture industry came via the Ford Almanac, a publication started in the 1950s by the Ford Motor Company.  The main objective of the Almanac was to compile new production ideas from the country’s best farmers and then distribute to every member of the Future Farmers of America.  Mr. Ganschow was lead editor of the Ford Almanac for nearly two decades.

In 1965, he organized the Top Farmers of America Association, which at the time was the largest organization of leading farm and ranch operators in the U.S.  Mr. Ganschow served as Chairman and President of the Top Farmers, which provided business and financial information through monthly publications and live seminars, for 17 years.  He also was a founder of Farm Futures, the industry’s first risk management publication, which is still one of the industry’s leading business magazines nearly three decades later.

Mr. Ganschow also served for 15 years as Chairman of Market Communications, Inc., a leading publisher and market consulting firm, which provided services for a broad spectrum of multi-national food and agriculture clients.  Additionally, during the 1980′s Mr. Ganschow was a Director of AgriData Resources, Inc., a pioneering electronic information service which ultimately included IBM as a stockholder and later went public. Collectively, these print and electronic publishing entities comprised one of the largest communications organizations in agriculture.

In addition to his pioneering efforts in the agricultural information field, Cliff Ganschow was one of the early proponents of institutional investment in farmland — a sector just now coming into prominence.  He was Chairman of Doane Farm Management Company, which during his tenure in the 1980′s managed the world’s largest farmland equity portfolio. Mr. Ganschow was also Chairman of Doane-Western Company, one of the industry’s largest farm real estate and mortgage companies, which managed mortgage portfolios for Aetna, CIGNA and Mutual of New York.

Today, Mr. Ganschow is focused on leading advancements in the agricultural data analytics and institutional farmland investment fields.  Announcements related to these efforts will be made throughout 2013.

Cliff was raised on a Midwest farm and is an honors graduate of Iowa State University with majors in Agronomy and Agricultural Journalism.  He has been married to his wife, Beverley, for nearly 50 years and has three adult children and three wonderful grandchildren.

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One comment on “About Cliff Ganschow

  1. Cliff, great to see that things are going well. Ran into Tom at the Iowa State tournament party in Crystal Lake the other day, and he mentioned your ag activities. Told him that I knew Cliff Ganschow more as a journalist than a farm expert. Speaking of which, I assume you saw this column by Bob from a few years back? “Cliff Ganschow and I even won an intercollegiate award for editorial writing.” Those were the days!


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